Setting the Vibe

We are all about setting appropriate vibe for the situation as well as the feel the client is going for.  We put a lot into deciding what to play at every event because each is so different.   We consider things like age range, cultural dynamic, time of day, number of guests, and how you want your guests to feel.

The mix below is a recording a swanky event we did downtown SD a little while back.  This particular event was for a party to show and sell a 20 million dollar high rise apartment, so there was a very unique blend of people.   There was everything from older wealthy people, to young motivated realtors, and big wigs from all walks of life coming through to get a look at this place. It was awesome, by the way.   It did have a very cutting edge, downtown feel to it with lots of potential to be customized.  They told us they wanted a cool, lounge feel.   They mentioned they wanted to make people feel sort of ‘downtown cool’ by hearing some cutting edge music that has a good feel to it.  This is a 1 hour clip from the early part of an 8 hour set we did that day (Crazy! lol)  Anyway, there is everything from Thievery Corporation to Marvin Gaye  in this one.  We tried to sprinkle in just enough popular stuff to keep people interested, but mostly intended to set the vibe and promote conversation. .  Something good to listen to while you are at work or at a dinner party.  Hope you enjoy

JMC Lounge vol. II

Dropbox Download JMC Lounge II