If there is one thing that we want you to take away from this site is the fact that each of the JMC DJ’s has a sincere passion for music and life. We are all about helping you create moments and experiences that you and your families’ will never forget.  We work very hard to help ensure each special moment has the overall impact it deserves.  DJ’s are who we are, events are what we do…. We would love a chance to see if we may be a good fit for yours! Thanks for taking the time to check us out..  No matter what, make sure you at least download and enjoy some of our complimentary DJ mixes.  In the end it is all about spreading the love of music.


Average Joe

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Average Joe Comstock                      

For over 15 years Average Joe Comstock has actively DJ'd everything from big clubs, underground parties, trendy dives, and swanky lounges to corporate events, community events, weddings and everything in between.  He has successfully built a life filled with music and lives his dream everyday. As a proud husband and father, an accomplished electronic music producer, career DJ, and motivated business owner Joe really enjoys sharing his experience and love for music with our clients. His sincere passion for music really shines through to help create a memorable experience for you and your guests.          



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Adam Loatman    

Adam Loatman lives to continue the search for the next hidden gem. He is a music guru that runs Access Music in Pacific Beach, DJ's at various trendy Lounges and Clubs around San Diego, Hosts and Mixes live on Earthbound Radio during their weekly show "Mixtape Sessions", all while DJ's 40+ Weddings a year. He has surrounded himself in a life of music and truly loves his craft. All in all, Adam really enjoys utilizing his passion to enhance any special occasion.                              


Aaron Bae JMC Events

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Aaron Bae

Aaron Bae brings years of experience and a youthful drive to the JMC team.  As a recent SDSU graduate, Aaron has experienced everything from clubs, weddings, school events, corporate events, etc.  Combining his ability to adapt to any crowd with over 5 years in the banquet industry, gives Aaron the ability to run a flawless event with style and grace.  It is rare to find such a well rounded individual that is so passionate about what they do.  Aaron is on a quest to truly excel in all areas of DJ'ing, and with over 7 years under his belt, he is well on his way.  We are very fortunate to have someone so talented, professional and down-to-earth on our team.



Sachin Patel

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Sachin Patel

We are very excited to introduce a new addition to the JMC DJ Roster, Sachin Patel. There are a lot of great DJ's out there, but it is really hard to find one that fits our mold so well.  Bringing that east coast vibe and experience in not just weddings, but huge productions, Sachin is the complete package.  As with most things, the east coast does it big and weddings are no different. Sachin was the most requested DJ for one the the largest production companies out there.  With over 10 years of experience with big events on East Coast, Sachin has the versatility to mix in and out of any genre, uses Technic 1200's, and has the experience and professionalism we need to uphold JMC quality.


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Rocky Powell

If you have ever strolled Newport Ave on a Friday night in Ocean Beach, you may have heard the sweet sound of Rocky's Saxophone blowing down the street.  A San Diego icon and dedicated musicican, Rocky is the kind of guy you just want to hug at first sight.   His 20+ years of experience is obvious after you hear the first few lines.  As a seasnoned musician and performer, Rocky has the versatility to adapt to any situation and please any crowd.         


 Jeremy Sanchez   

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Jeremy Sanchez

Jeremy is a seasoned DJ with a great ear for music and a sincere passion for his career. He is constantly working to keep his music fresh and his sets interesting. His diversity in styles makes him very adaptable to any environment. Understanding what people want, but giving it them something extra is what sets Jersan apart.  Besides being a good guy, the professionalism, experience, and ability to run any event makes Jeremy the complete package.


DJ Mike Lim

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Mike Lim

Mikey is back! After a year off to pursue (and accomplish) his goals of becoming a pastor, DJ Mike 'Kechup' Lim is going to bless us again with his 15+ yrs of experience and undeniable charm.  Mike is as passionate about life and his family, as he is about his career as a DJ.  With the extensive background in all types of events, Mike is a perfect fit for the JMC team. Be careful when you meet him though, because it may result in lots of smiling and a big hug.                        








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Tone Orlando   

Tone is one of JMC’s most experienced DJ’s. For over 20 years, Tone has built a successful career as DJ in San Diego.  Everything from big clubs, trendy bars, private events, and everything in between. Tone’s ability to read the crowd and adapt to any situation is what makes him great for any event.  He truly loves music and being a DJ and it shows through his work and dedication to his craft.



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