‘Average’ Joe Comstock

JMC_040-2Average Joe Comstock started JMC Events in 2006 and has enjoyed a life and career based around what he loves most; music.  Since his first professional gig on a hip hop radio show 1997, Joe has had the pleasure of playing every type of gig you can think of.  From underground parties, high end night clubs, dive bars, to weddings, corporate events, and swanky galas, he offers a wide range of experience that is adaptable to any situation.   Joe and the JMC DJ’s have set a new standard for what a professional DJ can be.  After 10 years in business, several awards (Knot & Wedding Wire), positive client reviews and a solid team behind him, he is very inspired to continue making your next event one to remember!

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**Now Providing DJ Service in Sacramento, San Diego and ALL Surrounding Areas!


Adam ‘Mada’ Loatman

Adam Loatman lives to continue the search for the next hidden gem. He is a vinyl guru, DJ’s at various trendy Lounges and Clubs around San Diego, is a dedicated father and husband, all while DJ’ing 40+ weddings a year.  You can see him DJ’ing Friday nights at En Fuego in Del Mar, CA.  Make sure you say hi, he would love to buy you a drink.  He has surrounded himself in a life of music and truly loves his craft.  All in all, Adam really enjoys utilizing his passion to enhance any special occasion.

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Mike ‘Kechup’ Lim

DJ Mikey Lim has been part of the JMC family for over 5 years and has become a client favorite.  With over 15 yrs of experience as a DJ, he brings a well rounded performance balancing high level of technical skills with true professionalism.  Mike is as passionate about life and his family, as he is about his career as a DJ.  With the extensive background in all types of events, Mike is a perfect fit for the JMC team. Be careful when you meet him though, because it may result in lots of smiling and a big hug.

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Arthur ‘DJ Artistic’ Mitchell

Art is one of JMC’s most accomplished and well rounded DJ’s. For over 20 years, DJ Artistic has built a successful career in music by involving himself with San Diego’s community and acting as a roll model for other DJ’s. Voted San Diego’s Best DJ 2014, Art has vast experience hosting all types of shows, judging DJ battles, teaching DJ lessons, DJing big clubs, dive bars, private events, corporate events, and everything in between, His ability to read the crowd and adapt to any situation is what makes him a great choice for your event.  He truly loves people, music and life, and it shows through his dedication to the craft.  We are very fortunate to have worked with Art for over 15 years and have him as a part of the JMC Team.

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Marissa Ditimus

Meet JMC’s special weapon.  One of the sweetest in person, yet so fierce behind the decks.  Over the last seven years, Marissa has gained experience at various public and private venues around San Diego.  Her array of experience gives her an edge when faced with diverse crowds.  Here ability to understand the flow of an event and how to set the appropriate vibe makes her a valuable part of our team.  Her unmatched level of professionalism, style and love for music shows through everything she does.

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Nik Bordokoff

Nik_09Nik Bordokoff is JMC’s latest testament to progress.  Officially joining the JMC DJ’s in 2015, Nik has worked along side the JMC DJ’s for years.  Nik has made a name for himself in the DJ community as an all around professional, no matter what type of events he is involved with.  He has traveled the world as an underground DJ and received rave reviews from the most elite audiences in San Diego.  From weddings. corporate events, galas, clubs, bars, etc, it is easy to see how his personality and experience make him a great fit for JMC Events!  More to come on Nik soon!


Jeremy ‘Jersan’ Sanchez

Jeremy is a seasoned DJ with a great ear for music and a sincere passion for his career. He is constantly working to keep his music fresh and his sets interesting. His diversity in styles makes him very adaptable to any environment. Understanding what people want, but giving it them something extra is what sets Jersan apart.  Besides being a good guy, the professionalism, experience, and ability to run any event makes Jeremy the complete package.

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